Friday, 13 November 2009

Read the Government’s aminopyralid response

The Government acknowledges the difficulties that the use of manure containing traces of aminopyralid has caused some gardeners and allotment holders.  In issuing approvals for two new products, it carefully considered the advice of the independent Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP).

The restrictions on the new approvals are intended to ensure that manure containing aminopyralid does not leave the farm: 
  • The new products may only be used on grassland for grazing (not for forage) or amenity grassland.
  • The labels must state that manure from animals grazed on grassland treated with aminopyralid should be returned directly to grassland - i.e. kept on farm.  Similarly, labels will contain a warning that animal waste or plant material suspected of containing aminopyralid must not be used for composting or mulching.
  • Only grassland grazed by cattle and sheep may be treated - not land grazed by horses.
DowAgrosciences has developed a communications and stewardship campaign for users and distributors to further reduce the risk of problems arising from manure containing aminopyralid residues.
The company will also submit regular reports to Government detailing any complaints and the action taken.  These complaints and any received directly will be monitored and, where appropriate, investigated by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate.
If, despite these additional controls and safeguards, significant problems arise in future, the Government’s position will be reviewed again.
Our response
The government are living in cloud cuckoo land once again! The chemicals will be applied without thought to their regulations. My only thought is to ignore untrusted manure. and maybe concenrate on green manure until we get a reliable supply made available again.
God protect us from this Government of incompetents!

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