Saturday, 17 April 2010

Discover: Jersey Royal Pearl potatoes

The first ever "Jersey Royal Pearl" potatoes went on sale this month. Genuine Jersey Royal Pearl Potatoes are available in 50 Tesco stores. Jersey Royals were previously only sold under retailer own labels. 
A spokesman stated "'We decided to cultivate a smaller potato than regular Jerseys. It has an even more delicate flavour – with a fragrant chestnutty flavour. It was created by changing our planting technique and the smaller size has intensified the flavour."

So it would appear that they are not a new variety of potato, and are just being farmed differently, and as they are smaller than regular Jersey's, they are probably simply harvested a little earlier. If that is so, then it is just growing "new" potatoes, which is only harvesting early potatoes a few weeks earlier and accepting that they will be smaller than the regular crop.

The name Potato 'Jersey Royal' is a synonym for P. "International Kidney", which is a commonly grown potato elsewhere, but the Jersey grown specimens always get a price premium.

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