Friday, 23 April 2010

Discover: Soya Bean 'Black Jet'

Soya Bean 'Black Jet' is different from most other Soya beans. Cool, short summers don't suit most soya beans - they need heat, water and humidity to do well. However, this new, hardier variety 'Black Jet' is one of the best to grow in Great Britain in a poor summer. 

The black beans can be eaten raw with drinks and have a deliciously creamy, pistachio-like taste. 

To cook the beans boil the pods in unsalted or salted water for 10 minutes and then shell the beans inside, simply by squeezing beans out of the pods, for eating. 

The cooked or uncooked pods can be stored in the freezer for later uses and cooked with meat or mixed with other vegetables for various dishes. 

The bean is of dwarf stature, and grows to 60cm (2ft) with white flowers.

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  1. Please would you kindly let us know where this "black jet" variety can be obtained from?
    Short of sourcing some in Japan, I have only ever been able to find "USTIE", "ELENA" or "ENVY" in this country.