Monday, 19 April 2010

Planting the early potatoes

Potato 'Red Duke of York'
The weekend saw us dig, fertilize and plant the second early potatoes; this year we planted Potato 'Charlotte' and P. 'Anya'. The previous weekend saw us do the same for the first earlies, P. 'Red Duke of York' and P. 'Lady Christl'. We haven't been doing any heavy work outside for many months and, as we did the job properly, this resulted in sore backs! Oh, for the comfort of a hot shower afterwards!

The weather is currently giving us decent daytime temperatures, but falling to freezing or thereabouts during the night. Not really a time for doing anything outdoors, other than getting ready for when the weather starts warming up. Maybe next week we can start planting out some of the trays of seedlings currently hiding in the night-time warmth of the poly-tunnel, but being hardened of during the day.

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