Sunday, 13 June 2010

Onion Fertilizer (Pre-planting)

  • This article describes a specialist fertilizer sold by Messrs Unwins, it is a specially formulated concentrate, high in phosphates to produce strong bulb development.
  • These mini-granules are easy to apply at a rate of 2oz per square yard.
  • Prepare bed in advance of planting, incorporating Onion Fertiliser at the rate of 2oz per square yard.
  • For the best results leave for a few days before planting. 
  • After planting top dress once growth is established at 10-14 day intervals at a rate of 0.16oz per square yard.
  • Always avoid contact with the foliage and water-in well.
  • Analysis (w.w)
    1. 13.00% - Total Water Soluble Nitrogen (N)
    2. 6.50% - Total Nitrate Nitrogen (N03-N)
    3. 4.40% - Ammoniacal Nitrogen
    4. 2.10% - Ureic Nitrogen
    5. 28.00% - Phosphourous Pentoxide soluable in water (P205)
    6. 19.00% - Potassium Oxide soluable in water (K20)

    N:P:K 13:28:19

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