Saturday, 30 October 2010

Discover Anaheim pepper

  • An Anaheim pepper is a mild variety of chile pepper. 
  • The name "Anaheim" derives from a farmer named Emilio Ortega who brought the seeds to the Anaheim, California area in the early 1900s. 
  • They are also called California chile or Magdalena, and dried as chile seco del norte.
  • While the Anaheim pepper usually has a Scoville Heat Index around 1,000, some varieties can have a rating as high as 5,000, which is not very hot. 
  • As these peppers mature they turn from green to red. 
  • They can be used for cooking at any stage but are most often used when still green. 
  • Choose fresh chiles with deep colors, avoiding those that look wrinkled or soft.

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