Saturday, 2 October 2010

Varieties of French Shallots

Varieties of French Shallots - Echalote Grise

  • The famed "grey shallot".
  • Khaki coloured shallot rarely seen in Britain. 
  • A gourmet shallot prized in French cuisine with its intense and concentrated flavour.
    This is the International chefs famous "banana" shallot, but as all French shallots have that shape it has become a generic name.
    Originated in Kazakhstan.

Varieties of French Shallots - Griselle

  • In its native France Griselle has a reputation as being the finest tasting of all shallots with a robust spicy taste that will not disappoint. 
  • Best planted October to mid December, it multiplies well to give a good crop of long, grey-skinned bulbs in June. 
  • These can be used green straight from the garden or dried for storage. 
  • Strong skins and solid flesh help the bulbs to keep in good condition well into winter.

Varieties of French Shallots - Jermor

  • The new French bred Jermor, is a true French 'longue' shallot.
  • Jermor possesses copper coloured skins and is bred in Brittany in the heart of France’s shallot growing region, yet grows well in our climate.
  • It is highly rated for its superb flavour and classic 'Jersey longue' shape.

Varieties of French Shallots - Longor

  • The veritable 'Jersey Long' has been the focus of selective breeding, and we now have stock produced in France  that has the longest bulbs of any French shallot.
  • This variety is highly praised for its robust flavour and is of interest for the exhibitor. 
  • Good storage potential.

Varieties of French Shallots - Mikor

  • More rounded bulb shape than Jermor, with a more reddish-copper skin with crisp white, pink-tinged flesh. 
  • An essential ingredient in traditional French cuisine. 
  • Excellent storing qualities.

Varieties of French Shallots - Pesandor

  • Classic French 'longue' bulbs, an essential for French cuisine and the long, slender bulbs are ideal for slicing in salads. 
  • Copper skinned bulbs with pink tinge through the flesh. 
  • Bulbs store exceptionally well.

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