Friday, 12 November 2010

Seed discounts for allotment societies

Allotment societies wishing to save some money could do far worse than take a look at the web site of Vegetable

Seed we purchased from them had a high rate of germination, unlike some seed from the "big-names" which was also much more expensive. So, our recommendation is based on personal experience.

We have no financial links with this seed company, but with times getting harder many of us are becoming conscious of costs.


  1. Dear Malcolm,
    At the beginning of October each year, our local Wilkinsons reduce many gardening items, including seeds (all stocked brands),by 50% at first, then 75% off to clear.
    Well worth stocking up then, especially for F1 varieties that often contain few seeds.
    P.S. New site already bookmarked.

  2. Thanks for the tip, looks like a trip to Wilko's needs adding to the schedule.
    Thanks for moving with us to the new site, it is our own web site and I feel more secure there, rather than being given free accommodation at the whim of an international corporation.