Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer over?

Summer is over – and decent weather may not return until November.
The gloomy weather forecasts came as the West Midlands was again pounded by a night of torrential rain. The problem lies with jet streams which have slipped south and are sending wave upon wave of Atlantic depressions over the region. Around half an inch of rain fell on some parts of the West Midlands last night and sharp showers were expected today.
There will be some respite tomorrow before more rain next week. Meteogroup forecaster Gareth Harvey, said today: “There is nothing much to be cheerful about.”
As far as the allotments are concerned, crops such as beans and sweetcorn will continue to thrive, but the lack of light will mean that ripening tomatoes and peppers will be much more difficult.
There will be no point in allowing outdoor tomatoes to flower after the end of this month, as there will be no chance of getting them close to ripening before the autumn cold arrives.

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