Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What are Fruit Vegetables?

  • Fruit vegetables are so called because botanically they fulfill the definition of fruits, but are used as vegetables by human beings. 
  • They are considered to be fruits because in the scientific sense of the term, fruits are those that carry the seeds of the plant. 
  • So, tomatoes, cucumber, etc., which are consumed as vegetables are actually fruits because they have seeds in them. 
  • Legally, the confusion between whether these vegetables should be called fruits or vegetables was solved in the United States by the Supreme Court in the year 1883 where tomato was declared as a vegetable. 
  • From then, these fruits were called vegetables in the culinary sense of the term. 
  • However, the meanings of these fruit vegetables are different in different countries. 
  • For instance, avocado, actually a fruit is a popular vegetable in America and Mexico, but is consumed as a fruit in Brazil.

List of Fruit Vegetables

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