Saturday, 11 September 2010

What are Root Vegetables?

  • Root vegetables are those that are grown under the soil and possess nutrients that they gain from the soil. 
  • This can be a slightly confusing category because some bulb vegetables like garlic and ginger, and even some stem vegetables are considered to be root vegetables simply because they possess the characteristics of root vegetables. 
  • Besides these, another category of vegetables that can come under this group is the tuberous vegetables which include different types of potatoes, yams, etc. 
  • In earlier years, root vegetables were considered to be the food of the poor because they were not very expensive and were easily available. 
  • However, as people became knowledgeable about the benefits of these vegetables, they started including them in their diet too. 
  • Along with vitamins and complex carbohydrates, the most special nutrient that is present in the root vegetables is the phytonutreints. It is the phytonutrients that adds colour to the vegetables and the darker the colour of the vegetable, more are the health benefits.
  • Root vegetables are a great source of proteins, carbohydrates, and are very low in fats. 
  • The calorie content in root vegetables is absolutely nil and this makes it all the more attractive to people who are on a weight loss diet. 
  • Along with the nutritional benefits, another advantage of root vegetables is that they have medicinal properties too. 
  • Consumption of root vegetables is an effective way of treating problems in the digestive tract, morning sickness, arthritis, high cholesterol, etc. 
  • They also essential for healthy eyes and good looking skin.

List of Root Vegetables

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